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The Kingdom of Belgium is located between Holland and France and is one of the smaller countries of Europe. In multiethnic Belgium live Dutch-speaking Flemish, French-speaking Walloons and a German-speaking minority. Because of its size and the well-developed road network, you can explore the country by car perfectly. Belgium offers a variety of medieval towns, attractive North Sea baths, palaces and parks. Also attract culinary specialties from the various regions, countless beers and fine Belgian chocolate. Embark on a cultural and culinary tour through Belgium and discover the diversity of this country. 

Explore by Belgium Car Rental  

With a cheap car hire from US while on holiday in Belgium and you can put together your individual itinerary. Take the car through Brussels, the city attracts with its many tourist attractions, the most motley visitors. In any case, it is also worthwhile car trips in the diamond city of Antwerp and Ghent to take, which are among the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe. Do not miss Bruges, the Venice of the North pay a visit. From Bruges you can easily reach the North Sea resorts Bredene, De Panne, Nieuwpoort or Oostende. Or you can hire a car from Namur and discover the hills of the Ardennes, with many medieval castles. By rental car, you can easily pay a visit to the neighboring countries of France, Holland and the UK.

In the car on the streets of Belgium

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